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FLAI Router Bit 1/4" Drive-Cove and Bead

FLAI Router Bit 1/4" Drive-Cove and Bead
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FLAI Router Bit 1/4" Drive-Cove and Bead

D33.34 LU12.70 C12.7 R1-4 S1/4"

Router bits designed for the production of decorative edges in soft or hard wood and derivatives. Thanks to the bearing, the chamfer is even along the entire length of the edge or a template can be used. Used on portable electrical or professional bench routers.


  • Shear angle: The axial angle applied to router bit teeth provides a gradual “attack” on the work piece, thus guaranteeing improved advancement and a better finish.
  • Anti-kickback shoulder device: The original anti-kickback shoulder device on the router bit body limits the possibility of kickbacks due to overfeeding. It is especially effective when using the router bit on router with manual feed.
  • FlaiArmor® Coating: The FlaiArmor coating features the following benefits: it is not harmed by any chemical compound, it is completely insoluble in water or solvents, it has excellent surface lubricant characteristics, it is anti-adherent, and it diffuses and disperses the heat generated by friction in the cut.
  • Sharpening: A knife, regardless of what material it’s made of, will not cut if it is not sharpened. The same is true of router bits. If the teeth are not sharp, the tool will not cut. Experience shows that the sharper a tooth is, the longer its cutting edge will last.

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Cutter Type
Guide Type
non bearing
Shank Diameter mm
Cove and Bead
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