Easy Ways To Find The Best Tradies For Your Project

Any renovation project will only turn out as good as the tradesmen involved in it. With that said, it involves the entire team that work to make the dream you have about your project that make it come alive and become a reality.

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There are two most basic secrets when it comes to Tradies:

  1. Always properly investigate the contractor or tradesman and their business that you plan to hire. Regardless how big or how small the project may be, regardless of how trivial the job may seem to you, make sure you know their full details and especially followed up some references.
  2. Once you found a great Tradie, recognise their value, and demonstrate some appreciation. One certain way you can recognise and appreciate a great tradesman is to pay them on time according to your specified payment terms. Although they do get paid to do a job, do complement and acknowledge a job well done. In addition, any project will cause tense situations, remain calm, reasonable, and determined in all your dealings.

Ways To Find The Best Tradies:

  1. Request recommendations from family friends, family, and colleagues. In the majority of instances where these people make recommendations it is highly likely that you will have the opportunity to have a personal look at the work they have done for these people too. This however does not mean you do not have to do your own homework properly, make sure you still investigate their business and reputation.
  2. Make sure you that you scrutinize the builder you are going to use extremely well. Regardless if he comes recommended by someone in your inner circle, ask to speak to the owner of the current and previous project he is working on. At the point where you are ready to put your hand to paper, ensure that the smallest most trivial detail is noted and familiarise yourself with every single term and condition to prevent any unhappiness when it becomes too late to make changes. When pricing is concerned, it is by far better to set a fixed priced contract than a daily or hourly rate that encourage dragging jobs.
  3. Scrutinise every single tradesmen you will use on your project. There is simply no reasonable excuse not to do it. Ensure that all licenses and certifications and especially insurance is in place and that it is for the specific task they have to perform. It is always good practice to have a copy of their licences, certifications, and insurance policies. Be especially attentive to Public Liability Insurance and Home Warranty Insurance.
  4. Good practice states that one always get at least 3 quotations for any type of job you need done. A well established Tradie will have a very good idea of what prices are and how much a job will cost more or less, while a newbie in the trade will have a struggle to know it all at hand. A general rule of thumb is that the midrange quotations provide you with the most realistic indication of what the cost of a project might be.

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